What are the dimensions of the scoop?

102 mm (handle to scoop end) X 63 mm
58 mm (scoop bowl) x 63 mm

Does the measuring device fit and work well whilst inside the food product packaging?

Precisionscoop fits and works well with most food product packaging such as screw top round containers, rectangular/square containers or pouches.

As a guideline the dimensions of the food packaging that we have tested the device so far as being acceptable are as follows:
Screw top round containers (minimum dimensions):
250 mm (height) with 115 mm opening neck (diameter)
Rectangular containers (minimum dimensions):
286 mm X 266 mm
Pouches (minimum dimensions):
345 mm X 235 mm X 120 mm
We can’t guarantee that packaging dimensions that are smaller than those mentioned above would be suitable when using Precisionscoop.
The rectangular containers can be purchased from:

(11 litre)

Is the scoop BPA free?