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PRECISIONSCOOP Traditional Measures
Capabilities Fully adjustable measuring device that provides customised serving size measures for various human and animal food, nutrition and medicinal powders & granules. Fixed size measures provide only a suggested serving size measure of powders and granules as per label specification guidelines.
Accuracy Collaborates with the actual density of  powders & granules thus providing accurate and consistent customised serving measures. Density for different types of powders & granules are unknown for customised serving size measures which can lead to inaccurate & inconsistent measures.
Flexibility Provides controlled & consistent measures with many different types of powder & granule products. Limitations apply to a known single serving size with a fixed size measure. Different size measures may be used for different level of serving sizes.
Efficiency Minimal wastage and overconsumption risk of powders and granules with customised measures. High chance of wastage and increase risk of overconsumption & health issues are possible with customised measures.
Cost Effectiveness Maximised servings per container & reduced cost per serving based on requirements. Customised serving sizes & regular consumption = High wastage. High cost per serving & more frequent purchases of the powder or granule type product(s).
Practicality Perfect for travelling. Carry the required amount of powder and granule during travel and save on space. As limitations apply to a single measure & servings per container information, carrying large tubs, pouches & containers can be inconvenient during travel.